• Sibovc Open Pit Mine Project

    We are pleased to announce that Project for movement of 5.5 million m³ hard soil masses for allowing Energy Company access to coal reserves is successfully completed. Project is completed by Joint Venture of Ex Fis LLC and German Bul Sachsen GmbH earth moving specialist.

    As accessible coal reserves were being depleted and winter season nearing, a fast and reliable execution of this Project was matter of urgency.

    Project was successfully concluded in 150 days. Including thirty days of equipment transportation from north Germany and eighteen days of no work due to bad weather, we have still managed to average movement of more than 45,000 m³/day compact hard soil masses.

    Execution of this project demonstrates our logistical intelligence, high reliability, ability to operate under heavy pressure and team spirit.

    Ex Fis is pleased and very thankful of having the possibility to cooperate with Bul Sachsen, a company of high integrity and great technical knowledge.

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